The “Grand Hall Experience” at the St. Louis Union Station is the largest permanently installed indoor immersive projection mapping show in the United States. Featuring full 12K+ imagery spanning the original 1894 barrel ceiling, 10.1 surround sound system, LED accent lighting, automated control system and all new media, this has transformed the iconic space to “the must see” show in St. Louis. Guests experience a dynamic range of shows throughout the evening. The space is first activated with pop music performed with classical instruments while the lighting sets the mood.

Several “sprites” are projected around the room at random intervals bringing the walls to life. Each show consists of three to ten “vignettes” all custom produced for the show and range from local historical facts (narrated by St. Louis natives John Hamm and John Goodman), to the local sports teams, the Mississippi River and to “visual wonder” pieces that exploit what projection mapping can do to the space. This renovation project has rejuvenated this historic downtown St. Louis, bringing wonder back to Union Station.

Technomedia used CueServer Pro (CS-800) to control LED fixtures and architectural lighting, as well as playback of synchronized show lighting programming. CueServer Pro is, in cooperation with Crestron user interface for iPad, used by the client to customize LED color wash and effects inside the building.