About Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of professional lighting control systems for use in Architectural, Entertainment and other similar applications, located in Cumming, Georgia (north of Atlanta).

Our company specializes in web-based lighting playback devices, self-contained architectural preset button stations, LCD touchscreens, handheld controls and troubleshooting tools that are all designed to operate DMX-based (and other similar) lighting fixtures. Our products are used to operate computer-controlled color changing lighting, moving lights (like those seen in concerts) and other automated or animated lighting systems.

Our customers range from system integrators who are using our products to control advanced lighting systems for buildings, restaurants and theme parks to lighting technicians who use our products to help with the installation and troubleshooting of computer controlled lighting.

Our award-winning product line includes highly acclaimed CueServer family of show playback processors, SceneStation preset station, CueTouch LCD touch panels, CueStation family of architectural button stations, award winning iOS apps and the MicroTech DMX family.

We proudly design, engineer and manufacture our products in USA.

Interactive Technologies is a privately held Florida Corporation incorporated in 1989, and participating in the professional stage lighting industry since 1996.


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