Interactive Technologies offers several high-quality apps for the iOS platform for use in conjunction with our family of lighting control products.


Remote Control Button Pad for CueServer
For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iOS 7.0 or later


CuePad is a remote control application for the CueServer series of DMX Lighting and Show Control Processors from Interactive Technologies.

With CuePad you can create multiple layouts of customizable buttons and/or sliders. Each button can operate as a remote CueServer button trigger or it can run a CueScript macro. Sliders can operate DMX channels, groups, or a submaster. CuePad can also provide live LED indicator feedback on the buttons as well. Each layout can control different CueServers on your local network or remotely access a CueServer on a remote network.

Use CuePad to create handy button interfaces for your CueServer applications. Give homeowners the ability to control their lighting from their favorite mobile device. Stage and Studio technicians can use CuePad as a remote control for their lighting rigs. Trade Show and Museum users can use CuePad during product demos or walkthroughs. Most any CueServer application can be remotely controlled via CuePad.

Customize each button's label and color as well as its programming and optional LED indicator behavior. After CuePad is set up, you can lock down your changes so that end-users don't have direct access to editing the buttons.

CuePad supports multiple layouts that can be shared with other iOS devices via email or imported/exported via iTunes.

CuePad will control multiple CueServers on the local WiFi network or it can connect to a remote CueServers (provided that those CueServers have a publicly accessible IP Addresses).

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

Figment DMX

The Ultimate Remote Focus, Show Control and Programming App for CueServer
For iPhone and iPod touch, runs in emulation mode on iPad
Requires iOS 4.1 or later


Figment DMX is a unique application for DMX-based lighting control.

Designed for lighting designers, technicians and riggers, Figment is a powerful application for wirelessly controlling multiple universes of DMX lighting via the popular family of CueServer DMX interfaces. Use Figment as a handy remote focus tool, a control station for complete show playback or as a programmer's companion for all kinds of professional lighting projects.

Figment is a wireless remote for CueServer, providing an exceptional set of DMX control features at your fingertips. Record and play back thousands of cues, record hours of streaming DMX data from an external console, set up astronomical clock and calendar functions, interface with external digital I/O devices, set up macros, DMX input triggers, integrate with architectural pushbutton stations, LCD touchscreen panels and considerably more.

Since CueServer is responsible for storing shows, handling silky smooth crossfades, pumping out streaming DMX playback and calculating multiple submaster overlays, Figment's low-bandwidth wireless communications are fast, reliable and work both over WiFi and 3G connections. Show playback continues even if your iOS device looses connection or is turned off.

  • Familiar DMX Control Commands
    Figment has a custom pop-up command line and keyboard combination that makes it easy to tap out familiar console commands. Send "Channel 1 > 10 At Full", "Group 7 At 33%", "Record Cue 12", "Release" to CueServer with just a few taps

  • Powerful Real-Time Views
    The Console view shows up to four cue stacks, submasters and associated properties. The Stage view gives a complete color-coded overview of the DMX output, playback submasters and/or DMX input. Views for the Cue List, Macros, Diagnostic Tools and direct CueServer interface provide a complete environment for every aspect of CueServer's powerful features.

  • Multi-User Support
    Up to four completely independent wireless users can use the same CueServer DMX universe at a time. Each user has their own playback space to set channel levels, run cues, execute macros, perform DMX diagnostics and more. The whole crew can test different parts of a rig at the same time.

  • DMX Diagnostics
    Leveraging CueServer's DMX interface hardware, Figment provides several unique DMX diagnostic functions, such as a handy DMX Input "oscilloscope" with large-digit LED readout, a flicker-finder useful for tracking down tricky console problems, and a channel test function great for performing dimmer checks.

  • And More

    • Control multiple universes of DMX by adding CueServer interfaces
    • Remote processing ensures "glitch-free" fades
    • Show data stored on CueServer hardware
    • Low-bandwidth communications works on both WiFi and 3G
    • Full access to show control and architectural features of CueServer
    • Automatic discovery of local CueServer devices