CueServer is a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a simple web-based device. Great for both architectural and entertainment lighting control projects, CueServer provides an unprecedented level of control and customization in an easy-to-use package.

CueServer has the capability to manage entertainment style lighting playback and sophisticated architectural control simultaneously. Networked button stations, LCD touch screens, and apps for mobile devices round out the CueServer family.

CueServer includes a built-in web server that provides access to a full complement of lighting controls, show programming and playback features without the need for special software or an Internet connection.

CueServer can function as a simple stand-alone playback controller, an architectural lighting processor, a show controller, or even as a wireless remote lighting console.

Apps for iPhone and iPad are available for direct control and/or programming of CueServer, or use with other 3rd party software that have been written to use CueServer as its DMX interface.

CueServer is ideal for LED displays, architectural lighting, retail projects, museum attractions, theme parks, trade show exhibits, animated signs, churches, water fountains and so much more. CueServer easily scales from the smallest single-fixture project to large-scale networked solutions.

After CueServer is programmed, it can function as a stand-alone show controller, leveraging its built-in real-time clock/calendar, astronomical time functions, button and contact closure inputs, and wide variety of event triggers to interact with the outside world.

We proudly design, engineer and manufacture CueServer in USA.
CueServer Pro
  • rack mounted (1U)
  • configurable front panel function buttons

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CueServer Pro DIN
  • DIN rail or surface mounted
  • removable terminal blocks for all I/O

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CueServer Mini
  • small portable form factor
  • DMX over RJ45
  • expandable via optional I/O board

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CueServer Express
  • small portable form factor
  • DMX over 5-pin XLR

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Comprehensive System
Completely self-contained entertainment lighting playback, architectural processor, and DMX fade engine that seamlessly handles Cue Lists, Presets, and Streams.
Virtual Lighting Console
CueServer contains a "Virtual" lighting console that is similar in function to many professional stage lighting controllers. It understands faders, cues, playbacks, dip-less crossfades, auto-follows, links, chases, and streaming DMX playback.
Real Time Clock
CueServer contains a "real-time" clock, which keeps track of the time, date and day of the week - even when CueServer's main power has been disconnected. This feature allows shows or events to be triggered at any time of the day, on any day of the week, on any day of the year.
Web Based Programming
CueServer 1 features "live" web enabled programming and operation.
Powerful Hardware
CueServer 1 outputs 1 DMX universe on 4 playbacks, while simultaneously handling various kinds of inputs and outputs.
Depending on the model, CueServer 1 hardware features various DMX port configurations, front panel RGB buttons, LCD display and more.
CueScript is the scripting language that ties together all of CueServer's diverse set of lighting playback, show control, events, and external I/O components.
Based on terminology that should be familiar to stage lighting professionals, CueScript builds upon industry-standard commands, adding show control, events and automation functions.
Systems Integration
CueServer easily interfaces with many automation systems, such as Crestron, AMX, Vantage, Control4, Medialon, Savant, and other.
Show Control
CueServer is all about flexibility. By combining a powerful virtual lighting console and a host of I/O devices (such as RS-232, contact closures, digital outputs, MIDI and more) with a flexible scripting language (called CueScript), the show programmer can coordinate all of these features to work together to manage automated shows.
User Interfaces
CueServer offers many ways to connect to the outside world. Depending on a project's requirements, CueServer can use Button Stations, LCD Touchscreens, Smart Phone Apps, Web-based Custom UI, Automation System and more to provide external input and output.
I/O Features
Although many lighting shows function without interfacing with the outside world, CueServer provides a host of input/output options that make it easy to connect CueServer to external devices: Ethernet, DMX, Serial Port, Contact Closure Inputs, Digital Outputs.
Feature CueServer Pro (CS-800) CueServer Pro DIN (CS-840) CueServer Mini (CS-810) CueServer Express (CS-816)
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DMX Features
DMX Universes 1
Playback Faders 4 1 (4 Optional)
DMX Ports 5-Pin XLR Terminal Blocks RJ-45 [*1] 5-Pin XLR
DMX Fail-Safe Relay Yes ---
Streaming Cues Yes Optional
Advanced Triggering (DMX Input, SMPTE, Network Events) Yes ---
[*1] Available on I/O Expansion Port or on Terminal Blocks with I/O Expansion Board.
Capacity (per show)
Cues 2,000
Groups 256
Macros 200
Timer Events 100
Button Stations 64
I/O Features and Protocols
Ethernet UDP, TCP, HTTP, Telnet, XML, SNTP, CueScript, CueStation
System Integration Yes (interfaces with Creston, Control4, AMX, Vantage, Savant, Lutron, and other systems)
RS-232 Yes (DB9 Jack) Yes (Terminal Blocks) Yes (I/O Expansion Board) ---
MIDI Yes ---
Contact Closures 8 (Terminal Blocks) 8 (I/O Expansion Board) ---
Digital Outputs 8 (Terminal Blocks) 8 (I/O Expansion Board) ---
Power 6-30V DC (12V DC 12 Watts Nominal), min 800mA @ 12VDC, 2.1mm Input Jack
Automation Features
Real-Time Clock Battery-backed, 1 second resolution Optional
LCD Display 40 Character x 2 Line ---
Function Buttons 8 Function Buttons, 4 Menu Buttons ---
Programming Interface Built In Web Interface
Offline Programming ---
Remote Programming Yes
Other Features
Memory 32 MB Internal Flash (optional external xD Card, 128MB max.)
Form Factor 1U Rack Mount DIN-Rail Portable
Power Supply Included Yes --- Yes
Mounting Brackets Included Rack Ears Included Rail Clips Included Flanges Optional Flanges
Rubber Bumpers --- Optional

CueServer is a web-based controller. All of CueServer's setup, programming, control and monitoring can be done via easy to use built-in web pages. This means that you can use nearly any Windows PC, Mac or a mobile device with a modern web browser to connect to CueServer and operate it.

There is need to download special software to your computer, all you need to do is connect CueServer to your network (or Ethernet jack) and type in CueServer's IP Address into your web browser.

CueServer uses the latest in live updating web pages for the best possible user experience. While watching the DMX stage outputs or console controls in your web browser, all of the data on the page updates live without needing to reload the page.

Since CueServer is an "internet ready" device, we've configured our routers to provide public access to our customers so you can see what the web pages on a real CueServer look like (normally, a CueServer isn't visible outside of your private network).

Keep in mind that the connection to these CueServers may be noticeably slower than if the CueServer you are using was in the same building as you. Also, because they have public access, more than one user could be using it at a time (which means that if something strange happens, it could be because someone else is doing something).

If you have any questions or concerns about these Demo CueServers, please contact our support staff.
Use the links below to open CueServer's web pages (opens in a new window).

You may edit the show files in the demo CueServers. However, DO NOT (under any circumstances) CREATE A PASSWORD in the CueServer. This would prevent other visitors from accessing the webpages after you are finished with them.