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Remote Control Button Pad for CueServer

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later



CuePad is a remote control app for CueServer.

With CuePad you can create up to 12 pages of customizable buttons and sliders. Each button can operate as a remote CueServer button trigger or it can run a CueScript macro. Each slider can operate one channel or can act as a submaster fader for any playback in the CueServer. CuePad can provide "live" LED indicator feedback on the buttons as well.

Use CuePad to create handy button interfaces for your CueServer applications.  Give homeowners the ability to control their lighting from their favorite mobile device.  Stage and Studio technicians can use CuePad as a remote control for their lighting rigs.  Trade Show and Museum users can use CuePad during product demos or walkthroughs.  Most any CueServer application can be remotely controlled via CuePad.

Customize each button's label and color as well as its programming and optional LED indicator behavior.  After CuePad is set up, you can lock down your changes so that end-users don't have direct access to editing the buttons.

CuePad supports multiple layouts that can be shared with other iOS devices via email or imported/exported via iTunes.

CuePad will control multiple CueServers on the local WiFi network or it can connect to a remote CueServers (provided that those CueServers have a publicly accessible IP Addresses). Remote CueServers with public IPs are accessible via 3G or Edge.

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Download from App Store

CuePad is available for download from the App Store. Click here to visit the CuePad page on the App Store.