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CueServer Features

  • Completely self-contained lighting playback controller
  • Seamlessly handles static scenes, crossfading and real-time "streamed" DMX playback
  • Web enabled "live" programming and operation (CueServer - 8xx line)
  • Desktop application for programming and operation (CueServer 2)
  • Powerful CueScript scripting language
  • Handles up to 32 independent timelines
  • Up to 32 DMX universes
  • Streaming ACN
  • Native KiNet protocol
  • Audio playback
  • Locally program lighting scenes or snapshot from external consoles
  • Network multiple CueServer units together to control a large number of channels or devices
  • Synchronizes playback to MIDI Timecode or SMPTE via MTC (available on CueServer 8xx, coming soon to CueServer 2)
  • On-board real-time clock with astronomical functions and 365-day calendar events
  • System integration via Ethernet, RS-232, Digital I/O and MIDI
  • Easily interfaces with Crestron, AMX, Vantage and other automation systems
  • Huge onboard memory and removable memory card
  • Available in five different configurations, including rack mount, surface mount, DIN-rail and more

CueServer Comp

Introducing CueServer 2, the award winning and most comprehensive combination of stand-alone show playback, architectural features, show control and desktop programming environment in a single, easy-to-use package.
CueServer 2 handles up to 32 universes of playback, has an all-new CueServer Studio app, a rule-based event builder, streaming ACN, native KiNet protocol, audio playback, multiple I/O options, and much more.

CueServer is Innovative.

Feature-packed and elegantly designed, CueServer is setting a new standard in lighting and automation control. An Ethernet based lighting console with web-based programming and operation, CueServer is easy to use and flexible. User interface peripherals such as button stations, touchscreens, and apps expand CueServer's powerful potential into limitless venues.
CueServer is Diverse.

LED displays, architectural lighting, retail projects, museum attractions, theme parks, trade show exhibits, sign animation, churches, water fountains, cruise ships and much more. CueServer easily scales from the smallest single-fixture project to large-scale networked solutions.
CueServer is Integrative.

Use CueServer as a simple stand-alone playback controller, an architectural lighting processor, a show controller, or even a wireless remote lighting console.  CueServer can be customized to suit the needs of system integrators, lighting technicians, consultants, show programmers, automation experts and more.


CueServer can be used in a wide variety of applications. Its flexible design and open standards make it easy to apply CueServer to many different project types.


One size doesn't fit all. CueServer is available in a wide variety of models, including Rack Mount, Desktop, DIN-Rail and more.


What makes CueServer unique is its amazing array of powerful features. Use only the parts you need, while knowing that if your project gets more complex, CueServer will be ready for you.
Systems Integration

CueServer easily interfaces with many automation systems, such as Crestron, AMX, Vantage, Control4, Medialon, Savant, and others.