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CueStation Features

  • Available in two button styles
  • Four designer colors
  • Stylish flushplates included
  • Passive switches or sophisticated network stations
  • Wide variety of LED control options
  • Button and housing engraving options
  • Multi-gang options available
  • All variants available with short lead times

A wide variety of "off-the-shelf" custom button stations for lighting, automation, show control, and special applications.

The CueStation family of button stations are attractive, sophisticated and customizable -- perfect for use in projects that require a small panel of buttons that can control automated lighting, audio, show playback and other similar actions.

Available in many different configurations, CueStations can be customized to fit nearly any project.  Pick from digitally networked stations or simple passive switches, different button styles, LED options, housing colors, engraving options and much more.

Use CueStations as a remote control accessory for our CueServer lighting automation processors or your own custom projects.

It is recommended that appropriate care is taken before purchasing CueStation to ensure that the button station will fit into wall back box for which it is intended. For dimension information click here.