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MicroTech Features

  • Many practical features for stage technicians who need to troubleshoot DMX problems around the stage and/or who are looking for a handy remote focus tool
  • Both sends and receives DMX signals
  • Performs 10 primary functions
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Includes 30 scene memory for backup functions and testing fixtures
  • Input functions include Channel View, Dimmer Finder, Scene Record, Error Detect, Dimmer Count and Update Rate
  • Output functions include Automatic Console Backup, 30 Scene Playback, Scene Editing, Dimmer Test, Dimmer Fading and Groups
  • Optional accessories include Soft Carrying Case, AC Adaptor, Hard Storage Box and more

Powerful DMX Troubleshooting and Remote Focus Functions in a Very Small Package.

The MicroTech DMX is designed to be a stage technician's best friend. It's loaded with the features needed to solve tricky DMX problems that occur with digital dimmers, moving lights, color scrollers and other DMX controlled devices. The MicroTech also has several features that make it a handy remote focus tool.

As lighting technology gets more "intelligent" so should the tools used to fix it. The MicroTech is the perfect combination of powerful, yet simple functions in an ultra-miniature package for the ultimate in convenience.

Best of all, MicroTech is the most affordable multi-purpose DMX tool available anywhere. Why spend hundreds of dollars more for an unnecessarially complex device that is difficult to use? The MicroTech is the only personal DMX tester specifically designed to be your best performer.