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SceneStation Features

- Completely Self-Contained

- SceneStation Studio software for Station Management, Programming and Operation

- Built-in Effects Engine for creating dynamic scenes

- IR Remotes for Programming and Operation

- 64 Scene Capacity

- Static, Toggle, Sequential, Preset Range, Chase, Momentary, Pile-On, Grandmaster, Blackout & Power Toggle Functions for each button

- Programmable RGB Buttons

- Includes 2.4GHz Wireless SceneStation Module

- Multiple Master/Slave Stations via Wireless Network

- DMX-512 Output with 44Hz Update Rate

- DMX Input Snapshot and/or Manual Channel Editing

- Automatic "Power-On" Preset Activation

- Automatic Console Backup

- 14-28V AC and 11-28V DC Operation

- Decora® Wall Station Compatible

- Optional Button Engraving

- Available in White, Black, Ivory or Light Almond

A Whole New Way To Think About Preset Stations

SceneStation sets a new standard for full-featured, easy to use, cost-effective DMX lighting control. SceneStation is entirely self-contained in a single gang, wall-switch sized unit. Perfect for restaurants, high-end residential, trade show booths, and more, SceneStation can control nearly any DMX device (RGB fixtures, moving lights, dimmers, effects, etc.), while also remaining very simple for the end user.

From static scenes to dynamic presets

SceneStation is dynamic. Instead of only offering the ability to play back a few simple "presets", SceneStation can be programmed to run shows using up to 64 steps.
New in SceneStation 3, use powerful preset effect engine to create dynamic looks.

SceneStation is the choice! Programming it is very straight forward! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It looks good and the client was happy. Very good package and great price.

Nick Abel
Entertainment Lighting Solutions
Programmable in minutes

SceneStation can be programmed very easily by the SceneStation Studio desktop software, by the Programmer’s Remote or by capturing DMX using only the front panel buttons.

SceneStation Studio software allows one or more wireless stations to be managed, programmed and controlled via an intuitive desktop application, available as a free download.  Attach the SceneStation USB Adaptor to your Mac or PC to wirelessly manage, program and control a easily change scenes, timing, create sequences, adjust button colors and more.  SceneStation Studio also works as an offline editor for building station configurations even without having access to a station.
SceneStation can also be programmed using the Programmer's IR Remote. The remote can activate presets, record or edit scenes, adjust preset properties, program buttons and more.  No computer is needed when using with the Programmer's Remote.  All preset settings can be changed using this simple option.

Suitable for a variety of applications

SceneStation can be used in a wide variety of applications. Its minimal design and powerful features make it easy to apply SceneStation to many different project types.
Fully customizable RGB buttons

SceneStation goes way beyond simple “presets”.  Each button can be programmed with advanced features like running chases, sequential scenes, toggle and momentary functions, and more.  Additionally, each button includes fully-programmable RGB backlighting and button caps can be optionally engraved with custom legends.
Network multiple stations together

A new 2.4GHz wireless "StationLink" option allows individual SceneStation units to establish a link between each other for using multiple stations in a single project.
SceneStation On-The-Go

In additional to architectural decora-style version, SceneStation is also available in a portable configuration that is great for using all of SceneStation's features "on-the-go".  Perfect for rental jobs or use in portable applications, the Portable SceneStation is enclosed in a rugged metal box with a recessed area for the buttons and IR receiver, and an end-panel that provides convenient access to two 5-pin XLR jacks and the unit's power inlet.
A "Portable Kit" that includes the Portable SceneStation and a variety of handy accessories, all packaged in a hard storage case, is also available.
Contractor friendly, user friendly, budget friendly and decor friendly.  SceneStation was designed to be a DMX controller that fits beautifully into nearly any project.
SceneStation can truly do it all

What makes SceneStation unique is its amazing array of powerful features. With SceneStation, whole new world of lighting control possibilities exist from a small, attractive and easy to use preset station.

I love these guys, they make great products, and this one is VERY cool too! It's a complete DMX playback storage system built right into the wall-mounted button station! You could use this to trigger DMX cues and activate a house lighting system... I've been waiting for this for YEARS!

Steve Matthews
Senior Account Executive
Epic Production Technologies