The TCP/IP Remote iPhone application will work with CueServer after you configure your CueServer and the TCP/IP Remote application properly.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on Telnet Access from the System Preferences > Network Settings page on CueServer.
  2. Connect to your CueServer from TCP/IP Remote using the CueServer's IP Address and make sure you specify Port 23.
  3. On the Macros pages, specify commands like "Cue 1 Go", "Channel 1>10 @ FL", "Macro 1", or "Button 8 On", etc.
  4. On the Terminal pages, you can build commands by making buttons with command parts such as "Channel", "Fixture", "Group", "Cue", "Record", "1" ... "9", "At", "FL", etc.

Please note that CueServer Firmware 4.1.2 or later should be used for best results.

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