In many cases, you can use a combination of certain days of the week AND a specific range of dates to get what you want. 
For example, Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of November in the US.
There are only seven different possibilities of when Thanksgiving will occur (based upon what day of the week the 1st of the month occurs):
(1) If November 1st is on a Sunday, then Thanksgiving is November 26th
(2) If November 1st is on a Monday, then Thanksgiving is November 25th
(3) If November 1st is on a Tuesday, then Thanksgiving is November 24th
(4) If November 1st is on a Wednesday, then Thanksgiving is November 23rd
(5) If November 1st is on a Thursday, then Thanksgiving is November 22nd
(6) If November 1st is on a Friday, then Thanksgiving is November 28th
(7) If November 1st is on a Saturday, then Thanksgiving is November 27th
So, if you want a timer to fire only on Thanksgiving each year, you need two rules.  The date must be between November 22nd and November 28th -AND- it must also be a Thursday.  If either of these conditions are false, then it's not Thanksgiving.
In CueServer, timers allow date ranges and days of the week to be chosen simultaneously, which will solve this problem nicely.  Just create a single timer that operates from November 22 through November 28 and only has Thursday enabled.  Then the timer will only execute when both conditions are true.
Similar logic should solve various conditions when a specific day of the week during a specific week of a month is needed.
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