The "mini" CueServer family (CS-810, CS-816) use RJ45 jacks for the DMX Input and DMX Output ports (instead of the 5-pin XLR jacks found on the CueServer Pro model). These RJ45 connectors match the ESTA standard for transmitting DMX over CAT-5 wiring and are the preferred connector on many architectural grade lighting fixtures.

The following table illustrates the standard RJ45 DMX pinout and how it is implemented with CueServer:

RJ45 Jack CAT5 Color Code ESTA Standard Signal CueServer Signal XLR5 Connector
Pin 1 White/Orange DMX Data + DMX Data + Pin 3
Pin 2 Orange DMX Data - DMX Data - Pin 2
Pin 3 White/Green Alternate Data + n/c Pin 5
Pin 4 Blue n/c n/c n/c
Pin 5 White/Blue n/c n/c n/c
Pin 6 Green Alternate Data - n/c Pin 4
Pin 7 White/Brown DMX Ground DMX Ground Pin 1
Pin 8 Brown Alternate Ground n/c Pin 1
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