The User's Remote Control for SceneStation uses RS-1 IR code format (unlike the Programmer's Remote that uses RC-5 codes). The RS-1 codes are as follows:

SS-UR1 Button RS-1 Code SS-UR1 Button RS-1 Code
Power $00C3 7 $07C8
1 $01C2 8 $08CB
2 $02C5 9 $09CA
3 $03C4 0 $0ACD
4 $04C7 Down $0BCC
5 $05C6 Up $0CCF
6 $06C9

If you have an IR receiver that is not capable od receiving RS-1 IR codes you can use RC-5 codes in two different ways:
  1. Send the following RC-5 button codes: $2C for Up and $2D for Down buttons; the codes for the buttons of the front of the SceneStation are $30 > $34, and the codes for the buttons on the User's Remote are $35 > $44.
  2. Send discrete codes to recall presets directly. This option only works with the Normal button function. Any of the 64 presets can be recalled directly. This feature is not however turned on by default, and it can be turned on in two ways: (A) in SceneStation Studio on the IR Receiver tab, or (B) by turning on a dip switch #5 on the right bank on the back of the SceneStation unit. After the feature is turned on, please follow the directions on page 81 in the SceneStation manual.
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