The I/O Expansion Boards are designed to be attached directly attached to the CueServer, however, depending on your requirements, you can either make or purchase an extension cable to remotely mount the I/O Expansion Board some distance away from a Mini CueServer.


Option 1: Purchase an "off the shelf" extension cable:

A DB-44 extension cable is not a very common item, so not many manufacturers make them.  However, we have found a supplier that stocks exactly the cable you need.  It's L-Com, and here's a link to the page on their site that lists the various lengths that they have available:

L-Com High Density D-sub 44 Male/Female Cables

There may be other vendors with similar cables available.  We'd be happy to add additional links here if you notify us of any suitable cables available on the market.


Option 2: Make your own cable:

If you need only a subset of all of the conductors wired to the external I/O Expansion board, another option may be to make your own cable.

With both a Male and Female "solder-cup" type loose DB-44 connector ends, a pair of connector hoods and some cable, you can fabricate your own cable with a little bit of soldering.  The wiring should be made to the necessary conductors using straight-through (1-to-1) connections.  Typically, CAT5 cable would be sufficient for most cables of this type.

Contact our Technical Support department if you need part number recommendations for the connector ends and other parts.

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