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Hello all. I am new to Cue Server. The software is asking me to update firmware of Cue Server 2. I would like to know the following - will it format the machine (delete all my data inside), or not? I have a show backup, but anyway, before doing something, I`d like to know this
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    Monday, August 28 2017, 01:17 PM - #permalink
    Hello Alex,

    The operating system (firmware) and your show data are stored in different locations (firmware is stored on an embedded memory chip, while show file is stored on the Micro SD card). Your data is completely save during the firmware update process. You could even completely remove the MicroSD card from CueServer 2 and then update the firmware, if you wanted to do that.

    You can find more information on firmware update here: http://docs.interactive-online.com/cs2/1.0/en/topic/updating-firmware
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