The MicroTech DMX is a small handheld DMX test tool that was designed to be used by stage technicians to troubleshoot all kinds of tricky DMX problems. It has ten basic functions which transmit and receive DMX. Each of these functions has been carefully selected to provide the greatest flexibility when diagnosing problems, testing gear, maintaining and/or operating DMX-based stage equipment.

Here are just some of the major features of the MicroTech: 

  1. The MicroTech helps troubleshoot DMX problems. When not sure if a fixture problem is being caused by the console, the cable or the fixture itself, the MicroTech can be instrumental in locating the source of the problem.
  2. The MicroTech provides ease of mind. When connected anywhere in a DMX system, the MicroTech can act as an automatic console backup.
  3. The MicroTech makes a technician's job easier. When performing maintenance on fixtures, the MicroTech's powerful dimmer checking and scene editing functions are invaluable.
  4. The MicroTech can save time. When any DMX-related question arises during the operation of stage equipment, the MicroTech can be used to find the answer.
  5. The MicroTech is a full-featured debugging tool. The MicroTech has a 30 scene memory, it displays all types of console data, it sends DMX scenes and test patterns to fixtures and it checks for DMX data errors on cables.
  6. The MicroTech can save money. The MicroTech was designed to be cost effective. 

For additional information on the MicroTech, visit the MicroTech DMX product page.

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