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  • As has become the standard, CueServer did exactly what I needed it to (and more thanks to new features), and was simple to setup and execute.

    Gary McGarity

    • Bluewater
    • Detroit Zoo Wild Lights 2018
  • The experience with running a CueServer was great; reliability was key and the relative simplicity makes it easy to get the programming done quickly and effectively.

    Brian Obermeyer

    • Gotta Dance Studios - Spring Recital
  • Programming and output from the CueServer was simple, and the DIN Rail form factor made the physical installation straightforward and tidy.

    Chris McKenzie

    • Kenderdine Electrical, Ltd.
    • Lets Play Live, E Sports Studios
  • Great! Love CueServer!

    Carl Everett

    • Sense Lighting Design
    • Second Nature: Audemars Piguet Lounge at Art Basel
  • Excellent, the integration of all of the various control systems was very easy with the CueServer. The clock functions following the sun cycle came in very handy.

    Tony Hansen

    • Techni-Lux, Inc.
    • Yacuma
  • As a mechanical engineer who doesn't do much coding, the CueServer was a godsend. Definitely going to use Cue Server on our next big installation!

    Dirk Prather

    • Creative Machines
    • Din Don
  • I finally have been able to get cue servers into our projects and I wish I had used them from the beginning.  Everyone’s really pleased with how well it’s integrating to AMX as well our standalone lighting kit.

    Glenn Bowman

    • Focused Design
  • Cache Creek Casino uses several flavors of Cueserver for various permanent and temporary installations, including the lobby waterfall and fountains, promotions stage, and environmental lighting.

    Robert Brigham

    • Cache Creek Casino Resort
    • Gingerbread Castle
  • Great experience.

    Carl Everett

    • Sense Lighting Design
    • Reconstruction of the Universe
  • We have had only 1 occasion where the device has been unresponsive within the 12 months that we have had it running all of the services in this project. That kind of reliability is unmatched in anything I have used before.

    Liam Brown

    • Auckland Museum
    • Auckland Museum Exterior Lighting & Dynalite Bridge
  • Great product, easy to use.

    Adam Baranowski

    • Lykrotech, LLC
    • Captains Residence
  • Excellent as always! Rock solid hardware!

    Michelle Caron

    • Clair Brothers, Inc.
    • Inscape
  • I just wanted to reiterate the respect I have for Interactive and its products. I think the CueServer is one of the best architectural controllers on the market, it is by far, the easiest to use and integrate into a fully networked system

    Larry Zoll

    • Sensory Interactive
  • Pleasant, easy to learn and functional.

    Zak King

    • Boyd Gaming
    • Bailiwick Lighting Reprogramming
  • Customer service and technical support were both very helpful. Most of the parts were straightforward and hassle-free to install.

    Sam Moryoussef

    • Elon University
    • Schar Center Lighting Control System
  • I'm a huge fan of this piece of gear

    Derek Barnwell

    • Available Light New York
  • Pretty flawless.

    Brian Wragg

    • Ingenium Canada
    • Canada Museum of Science and Technology
  • I have always enjoy working with CueServer as no matter what the client throws at me I know the product can perform, adapt or interface to ensure the clients needs becomes a reality, and if I cannot figure out a way to make it work the team at Interactive are always there to assist!

    Darren Irving

    • LIDA Industries
    • Sydney Lyric Theatre
  • We now have multiple CueServers controlling different aspects of our museum, all of them are great to work with.

    Brian Wragg

    • Ingenium Canada
    • Canada Since & Technology Museum Auditorium
  • The CueServer performed flawlessly this weekend.  Triggered RF Relays for lights, contactors for the Boardwalk lights and played back two DMX streams, along with serial triggers for the video players and UDP commands for audio and the projectors…  Truly a bad ass piece of hardware…

    Nick Hock

    • Image Engineering
  • I just wanted to thank you again for your help on this project. The CueServer Pro did the trick!

    Drew Atienza

    • VER
    • ESRT Video Ceiling
  • It was great, multiple playbacks made this project simple and easy to program.

    Matt Gajowniczek

    • Sound, Production & Lighting, LLC
    • Tin Roof Delray Beach
  • Excellent. Good pre-sales communications and the equipment worked very reliably.

    Doug Sass

    • CCS Southeast
    • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Very nice software! Elegant simplicity at its best.

    Alan McFarland

    • Nila, Inc.
  • We have had fast and comprehensive communications from Interactive Technologies and their support team as well as very detailed and easy to follow documentation to really get a vast amount of utilisation from the CueServer.

    Liam Brown

    • Auckland Museum
    • Auckland Museum Exterior Lighting & Dynalite Bridge
  • The software is really very easy to use and implements many useful functions that allowed me to customize the shows to exactly what (our customer) wanted.

    Loren Barton

    • I have used [CueServer] on a few projects, and it is an extremely powerful tool.

      Joshua Wood

      • Gopher Stage Lighting
    • Excellent as always, quick, easy programming.

      Tony Hansen

      • Techni-Lux, Inc.
      • Cosmic Tubing Hill
    • Let me first complement you on a very fine product.  From what I have seen so far, combined with feedback from other staff is impressive.

      Shaun Johnson

      • Johnson Systems, Inc.
    • Thank you so much for helping us out in a pinch.  I can't thank you enough for the professional approach on the whole project.

      Lance Hutchinson

      • Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.
    • Easy to learn and a valuable tool to have access too.

      Scooter Wasserberg

      • Amberient
      • US House of Representatives - Committee Rooms
    • CueServer worked great for us, it was easy to implement, flexible to meet our requirements and saved time onsite, we look forward to using it again in future projects.

      Bradford Berry

      • Backman Vidcom
      • Discovery Centre Halifax
    • Always positive, easy to use, simple to describe to clients.

      Edward Yetso

      • Advanced Entertainment Services
      • Le Maitre LDI Booth 2018
    • My experience with CueServer was nothing short of excellent. The more shows I utilize this piece of gear on, the more comfortable I am using it on additional shows, and find new features that make my programming time shorter.

      Gary McGarity

      • Bluewater
      • Ford Education Center
    • We use it in most of our projects, small to large because of its performance and reliability. Also once our guys know how to program cues, we don't need a lighting console on site for smaller projects.

      Mika Tuomi

      • Control AV, LLC
      • Crystal Riverboats
    • Nice little device. Very easy to configure and powerful too.

      Matt Pearlman

      • Creative Technology
    • Flawless, the ease of programming coupled with the convenience of the iPad app made this project much easier.

      Karl Seymour

      • Advanced Entertainment Services
      • Comic-Con 2017 The Gifted Activation
    • Excellent, the integration of all of the various control systems was very easy with the CueServer.

      Tony Hansen

      • Techni-Lux, Inc.
      • Swamp Ape
    • The extensive documentation has always made working with CueServer easy, and now getting into the more advanced and complex features, this is becoming more clear how good this documentation is.

      Liam Brown

      • Auckland Museum
      • CueServer Android App
    • Easy, simple, incredibly intuitive.

      Edward Yetso

      • Advanced Entertainment Services
      • Le Maitre Booth @ LDI 2017
    • Extremely positive.

      Justin Linville

      • Provision Audio/Video Solutions
      • Wake Forest Renaissance Centre AVL Renovation
    • The CueServer is an extremely powerful product and is controlling dozens of universes on this project. It's reliable and robust and continues to perform flawlessly.

      Brandon Creel

      • Starlite Productions
      • Xcite Center @ Parx Casino
    • Fantastic! The flexible use of the different environments truly takes the room into the world of multi-purpose for events ranging from business meetings and gatherings to full performance, wedding, ballroom use.

      Brock Stapper

      • All Pro Sound
      • Statler Hotel Ballroom
    • Great. Another win for CueServer.

      Justin Hullinger

      • MRD
      • Sun Princess Pool Deck
    • Reliable and easy to use. When we had technical question, the support team was very quick to get back to us.

      Carissa Barrett

      • Nautilus Entertainment Design, Inc.
      • Carnival Horizon
    • Thanks for making this amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) box; it's made planning future projects much easier.

      Leo Kerr

      • Smithsonian Institution
    • This is the only controller we will specify and install. Well made, great customer service and friendly to program.

      Alan Smith

      • Paragon Productions, Inc.
      • City of Rock Hill Water Tower
    • Our experience with CueServer products has been superb. We have adopted the CueServer solution into many of our projects and will continue to do so in the future.

      Trey Meares

      • Lodestar Labs
      • Atlanta Falcons Tunnel Control
    • I LOVE my CueServers. I think my favorite feature is the vast number of ways they allow you to trigger actions, be it from DMX, an external contact, an ethernet message, a MIDI note, etc.

      Matt MacPhail

      • News at Eleven Productions
      • Chain Bridge District Pinewood Derby 2017
    • CueServer worked flawlessly over a shared VLAN to 20+ nodes. The Interactive Technologies support guys were phenomenal in helping out with licensing and scripting questions.

      Matt Cooper

      • Dollywood's Great Pumpkin Luminights
    • By the way - CueServer is great!

      Steve Arnold

      • Affineon Lighting
    • We did a second installation on Mariner of the Seas in June, and our appreciation of the CueServer increased. In fact, I liked it so much that I am using it on Bicentennial Plaza in Springfield, next week. That's three projects in three months!

      David K Warfel

      • David Warfel-Light Can Help You
      • Observatorium
    • Overall very good. It was very easy and allowed me to set up integration with other hardware systems that might be added in the future.

      Nick Mugnaini

      • SkyLight Services
      • Sea Princess Atrium Revitalization
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