What are the Small Enclosure mounting options?

The following interchangeable brackets are available for mounting the products listed below:

  • CS-920 (CueServer 2 Mini)
  • IT-SP8R (RJ45 Splitter)
  • CS-810 (CueServer Mini)
  • CS-816 (CueServer Express)
  • ST-HUB & ST-HUB-EN (CueStation Hub & Hub with Ethernet)

(Horizontal Mounting Kit)

This bracket pair is used for flush surface mounting.

Select DMX Port

(Vertical Mounting Kit)

This bracket is used for side mounting and/or affixing to a standard truss clamp.

(Horizontal DIN Mounting Kit)

Similar to the HMK brackets, this kit includes spring-loaded DIN clips for mounting horizontally on standard DIN rail.

(Vertical DIN Mounting Kit)

Similar to the VMK bracket, this kit includes a spring-loaded DIN clip for side mounting on standard DIN rail.