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Project Showcase

— Sydney Lyric Theatre —

 Sydney Lyric Theatre 

A major redevelopment of the Sydney Lyric Theatre has seen one of Sydney's premier theatres become the first "breathable" theatre. The new venue design called for acoustic curtains to partition off the theatre, therefore, creating a more intimate atmosphere depending on the size of the audience. Depending on the mode selected, the theatre can be configured as a 2000, 1750, 1550 or 1350 seat venue within 30 seconds, hence these modes have seen the venue being nicknamed a "breathable" theatre.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project? 

Darren Irving: CueServer was used to provide control of over 400 newly installed House light LED fittings, control of Acoustic blinds and interface to the Fire system. A custom CuePad app was created for the client to allow modes to be easily changed and demonstrated to venue clients. 

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer? 

Darren Irving: I have always enjoyed working with CueServer as no matter what the client throws at me I know the product can perform, adapt or interface to ensure the clients' needs becomes a reality, and if I cannot figure out a way to make it work; the team at Interactive are always there to assist!


Sydney Lyric Theatre
Sydney, Australia


Darren Irving 

LIDA Industries 


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 Sydney Lyric Theatre #2 

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Record Streaming Cues

A Streaming Cue is a type of cue that stores DMX channels and their changes over a period of time. Learn when and how to capture them.

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