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 "How do you CueServer" contest 

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Project Showcase

— Atlanta Falcons Tunnel —

 Atlanta Falcons Tunnel 

Interactive’s CueServer 2 DIN (CS-940) gives the Atlanta Falcons Football Team full control over their dynamic entrance tunnel.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project? 

Trey Meares: CueServer was programmed in concert with the touchscreen to deliver lighting and special effects control of the tunnel. The client wanted to be able to control the tunnel effects from the press box, over 1,000 feet away. The touchscreen and CueServer were linked via a fibre-optic network to the home team tunnel on the east side of the stadium. This allowed the Falcons' Executive Producer to cue the special effects from the touchscreen in a critical and time-sensitive environment. 

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer? 

Trey Meares: Our experience with CueServer products has been superb. We have adopted the CueServer solution into many of our projects and will continue to do so in the future.  


Atlanta Falcons Tunnel
Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta, GA


Trey Meares

Lodestar Labs


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 Atlanta Falcons Tunnel 

Tip & Trick:

— Maintain DMX Values after Input has Stopped —

Maintain Channel Levels after DMX Input Loss

Did you know you can tell CueServer to automatically maintain DMX values even after the input has stopped?

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— CueServer 2 DMX Modules —

CueServer 2 DMX Modules

All Rack and Desktop mounted CueServer 2 models feature optional bi-directional DMX ports.  Choose from 7 module options to best-suit your connection needs.

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