July 2018 Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

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Tip & Trick:

— Combine Rooms using Zones and Joins —

Shift Keys Article

This month’s trick demonstrates using contact closures and CueScript logic to join and un-join zones based on air-wall positioning automatically.

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Winner of the July "How Do You CueServer…” Contest

Congratulations to Mika Tuomi of Control AV for winning a CueServer 2 Mini! Mika's project submission was randomly chosen to receive this prize.

Don’t forget, winners are chosen every 6 months! The next submission deadline is December 31st. Be sure to submit your CueServer projects for a chance to win!

Project Showcase:

— Let’s Play Live —

Let’s Play Live, E Sports Studios is a facility designed to produce live broadcasts of E Sports gaming based programs. The venue consists of five individual studios. Three of the five studios contain gaming computers/consoles for up to five players each. These studios are lit using a combination of color changing LEDs over the player desks and general LED lighting in the open spaces. The fourth studio is a green screen studio where the topping, tailing, and interview components of each show are produced. The final studio is set up with monitor backgrounds and is used for commentators and interviews with players. In addition to the individual studios, the facility’s perimeter corridor and arrival tunnel are extensively lit with color changing LED battens, spots, and strips which creates a dynamic, high intensity vibe throughout the venue.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

Chris McKenzie: CueServer was used as the primary control and playback device for the entire installation. The brief required full control, but in a simple fashion driven from a custom set up iPad. This system allowed extensive control of the entire lighting installation in a simple form, so that the studio operator could manage lighting alongside the rest of his duties. The CueServer allows the programming of a whole raft of studio and architectural lighting across two universes of DMX.

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

Chris McKenzie: The CueServer was a straight forward unit to set up for this project. We spent an amount of time creating the custom interface in the iPad. This was made fairly straightforward using the tools available from Interactive to create the interface. Programming and output from the CueServer was simple, and the Din Rail form factor made the physical installation straightforward and tidy.

Let’s Play Live
Auckland, New Zealand


Chris McKenzie
Kenderline Electrical Ltd

Project Details:

  • (1) CS-940

  • 2 Universes of DMX

  • Custom iPad Control

  • RGB LEDs

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Shift Keys Article

Featured Article:

— Third Party Integration: RTI —

Shift Keys Article

We’re excited to announce that RTI’s control products now integrate seamlessly with CueServer via their new driver.

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Software Update:

— CueTouch Toolkit 6 —

A new release of the CueTouch Toolkit is now available. Version 6 includes improvements for performance and reliability.


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