We're pleased to announce that CueServer 2 firmware version 2.0.2 was released on January 22, 2018.

Version 2.0.2 is an important update to CueServer 2 including 11 general feature enhancements, and 17 bug fixes.

Focus areas of this release include the WAIT command, Macro behavior, and CueScript bug fixes.

This update can be downloaded from the CueServer 2 Downloads Page.

Release Notes

  • Navigator Window
    • Feature The Network Settings window now displays the device's MAC Address(es).
    • Feature A show can now be deleted by pressing the Delete or Backspace keys.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that sometimes caused shows to not be removed from the show listing after being deleted.
    • Bug Renaming a show no longer produces an error message when the show contains non-volatile variables.
    • Bug No longer allow slash characters in show file names.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could allow the window's toolbar items to be improperly enabled after deleting a show file.
  • CueScript
    • Feature Several new escape codes have been added to the handling of strings to enable the automatic substitution of channels, levels and checksums into strings.
    • Feature Added several new system variables to get and set the date, time, and timezone in several ways.
    • Feature CueScript editors now allow tab characters.
    • Feature Added the WAIT STOP command that allows a single pending Wait to be stopped before it fires.
    • Feature Added new `accent quotes` syntax for allowing the value of a variable to be executed on the command line.
    • Bug The remainder of a command that executes after a WAIT now properly executes in the same command context as the beginning of the command.
    • Bug Commands that operate on triggers (such as PRESS and RELEASE) now properly work after a WAIT command.
    • Bug Calling a macro that contains WAIT commands no longer causes an out-of-order command execution sequence.
    • Bug Macros now properly execute in the same command context as the calling script.
    • Bug Multiplication and Division operators now work as expected.
    • Bug Concatenation now works properly when combining numeric values to strings.
    • Bug Inline variable substitutions of string values now work as expected.
    • Bug Addressed a problem with nested CueScript returning floating point numerical results.
    • Bug Pressing Enter or Return on an empty command line no longer sends an empty command to the CueServer.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could occasionally cause the CueScript parser to crash when an inline variable substitution occurs within an IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF block.
  • Editor Window
    • Bug Adding or removing a rule from a Cue, Station, or DMX Trigger now no longer scrolls the rule list back to the top.
  • DMX Triggers
    • Feature A new "Act on Changes" function has been added to DMX Triggers.
  • Status
    • Feature Status panels can now be opened into their own separate palette windows.
    • Bug The RAM Used bar graph in the CPU Info panel was incorrect and misleading. More accurate RAM Usage numbers are now shown.
  • LCD Display
    • Feature Time, Date, and Time Zone can now be changed from the LCD Display.
  • Show Database
    • Feature Creating a new show file now pre-configures the show based on the hardware device it is created on.
  • API
    • Bug Setting the Timezone via set.cgi or UDP is now much faster.