We're pleased to announce that CueServer 2 firmware version 2.0.4 was released on March 14, 2018.

Version 2.0.4 is an incremental update to CueServer 2 including 10 general feature enhancements, and 11 bug fixes.

Focus areas of this release include working with show files, CueScript additions, system log improvements and general usability.

This update can be downloaded from the CueServer 2 Downloads Page.

Release Notes

  • Navigator Window
    • Feature Downloading a show now warns the user if the operation will overwrite an existing file.
    • Feature Creating a show with an existing name now warns the user.
    • Feature Firmware updates are now disallowed on CueServers that are not on the same network subnet as CueServer Studio.
    • Feature The contextual menu for CueServer devices now includes the Apply License Code and Update Firmware items.
    • Bug The Upload Show file chooser no longer allows non-show directories to be uploaded.
    • Bug Addressed an issue that could cause a crash if a show upload/download is cancelled.
    • Bug If a show upload is cancelled while in progress, the partially uploaded show is now properly removed from the device.
    • Bug Fixed a crash that would occur if an offline show is deleted or moved before editing.
    • Bug Fixed a crash that would occur if an offline show is deleted or moved while its editor window is open.
  • Editor Window
    • Feature Switching away from the Status panel and then back now remembers the last used sub-panel.
  • CueScript
    • Feature A new LOG RESET command has been added that removes all entires from the System Log.
    • Bug Unterminated strings now fail properly.
    • Bug The PLAYBACK command now provides the proper error message if an incorrect parameter is given.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that prevented decimal numbers without a leading zero in expressions (such as "5 * .3") to be evaluated properly.
  • Rules
    • Feature A confirmation dialog is presented before a rule is deleted.
    • Feature The "port letters" for DMX Ports can now be used in DMX Port event rules.
    • Bug Global button/contact rules would fail when specified without a station number has been fixed.
  • System Log
    • Feature A new Clear Log button has been added to the System Log panel.
  • DMX Triggers
    • Bug The 16-bit checksum opcode ("\S") had previously been outputting the value in the wrong byte order.
  • LCD Display
    • Bug Fixed a problem that could cause Macros to be listed out of numerical order.
  • Installer
    • Feature The macOS .dmg image now includes Retina artwork.