We're pleased to announce that CueServer 2 firmware version 2.1.0 was released on March 16, 2018.

Version 2.1.0 adds a suite of SMPTE Timecode features, a Live CueScript Helper, high-resolution graphics, plus dozens of other important enhancements to CueServer 2.

This update can be downloaded from the CueServer 2 Downloads Page.

Release Notes

  • Major Features
    • New SMPTE Timecode
    • New Live CueScript Helper
    • New Retina/Hi-DPI Graphics
    • New New Windows framework for improved flicker-free drawing
    • New CueServer Studio is now 64-bit for macOS
  • Editor Window
    • Feature The command line and other CueScript entry windows now include a live "CueScript Helper".
    • Feature A new Timecode Event Editor has been added to the Triggers section.
    • Feature The CueScript editor popup window is now resizable.
    • Bug Fixed a crash that could occur if the Stage View palette window is opened before the embedded Stage View panel.
    • Bug The Station Status field of the command line could temporarily display incorrect information.
    • Bug Typing the Forward-Delete key on the command line did not delete the proper character.
  • CueScript
    • Feature A new SMPTE command has been added that allows the current timecode to be set, cleared, started, and stopped. Additionally the SMPTE command can also be used to enable or disable the external SMPTE Timecode Audio input and control internal generation of timecode.
    • Feature CueScript buttons are now formatted with better multi-line support.
    • Bug Updating a Preset now properly updates the same preset in joined zones.
    • Bug Fixed a possible crash that could occur if a WAIT CLEAR is executed in the same command string after a WAIT.
    • Bug The BREAK command could crash if it was in an IF/THEN/ELSE clause.
    • Bug The CUE command was improperly limiting the highest Cue Number below the actual maximum of 999,999.99.
  • Groups
    • Feature Hovering over the Channels column in the Group List now reveals a popup window that lists all of the channels in the group.
    • Bug Deleting all of the text from the Channels field is now possible.
  • Zones
    • Bug Fixed a crash that could occur if the Zones panel is closed while it is still fetching the zone list from the show file.
  • Rules
    • Bug Fixed a firmware crash that would occur if a SET rule is created and then saved without specifying an action.
    • Bug Some Preset Actions were failing to execute if assigned to the highest numbered button on a station.
    • Bug Popup buttons in rules are now visible on lines with long CueScript.
    • Bug Rule actions within Cues and Presets did not have the proper default Playback Fader.
  • Settings
    • Feature A new Timecode panel in General settings allows external SMPTE Timecode audio input processing to be enabled or disabled, and also to set a threshold for jumping over or fast-forwarding through discontinuous time periods.
    • Bug Fixed a problem that could cause show file corruption after increasing the number of Playbacks in the Settings > DMX > Resources panel.
  • Status
    • Feature A new Timecode panel in the System Status area displays the live timecode along with internal generation and external input indicators. The current dBFS scale of the audio input is displayed as well.
  • Audio
    • Feature A new Audio Input processor is included that can receive and decode incoming Linear Timecode (LTC) signals.
  • CueServer Studio
    • Bug Restore the ability to update the firmware of a remote CueServer that was broken in v2.0.4.