We're pleased to announce that CueServer 2 firmware version 2.1.2 was released on January 18, 2019.

Version 2.1.2 is a quick patch that resolves 7 minor issues found in v2.1.1. This version also adds support for the new CS-950, a new playback fader mode, and it includes a faster, smaller Windows installer.

This update can be downloaded from the CueServer 2 Downloads Page.

Release Notes

  • Major Features
    • New Added support for the new CS-950 model.
  • Editor Window
    • Bug An issue that could cause a crash when opening an offline show has been fixed.
    • Bug The Editor Window no longer crashes if it is closed while the stack/zone lists are loading.
  • Playbacks View
    • Bug Fixed a problem that could cause Playbacks 26+ to appear improperly in the Playbacks view.
  • CueScript
    • Bug Non-volatile variables are now preserved properly after power loss or reboot.
    • Bug The inline CueScript parser work improperly show that a command like [Set "x" = 3] was an error.
  • DMX
    • Feature Added Mask mode to Playback faders.
    • Bug Fixed an issue that prevented more than 32 sACN input universes to be able to be received. The new limit is 128 sACN input universes.
  • Serial
    • Bug Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if incoming serial is being processed as CueScript commands while replies are being sent back to the serial output, and the hardwired DMX output ports are in use.
  • Windows
    • Feature A new Windows installer is smaller and faster.