This tip explains how to allow CueServer to automatically give priority to a connected DMX console and return control to the CueServer when the console is turned off or disconnected. CueServer’s “Global Rules” will be used to execute scripts when DMX input appears or is lost.


The Scenario

Suppose you have an event space that uses a CueServer 2 to recall basic looks and presets, but on certain occasions, you host shows that require a lighting technician to use a DMX console to take control of your stage and house lights. During these performances, you might want to prevent CueServer from recalling any looks or presets that might interfere with the show.

Among the many possible solutions for this scenario is creating rules to disable playback faders once hardwired DMX becomes active. Similarly, you can use rules to re-enable your playback faders once the external input has ended.

The Process

To do this, we’ll need to open the Rules section under Triggers in CueServer Studio and create two new rules. In the first rule, we will select DMX Port from the first choose menu (next to whenever in the rules box), followed by the port in which our DMX input will be connected. Next, we will select Perform Script from the second choose menu and add Playback 1>8 Disable. For the second rule, we will repeat this process, except this time, we will select Begins Receiving Data and change it to Stops Receiving Data. Also, we will change our script to Playback 1>8 Enable. Now, when CueServer begins receiving DMX data from the selected port, all playbacks will be automatically disabled until input has stopped.

We'll cover this a bit more in depth below.

The Walkthrough

First, we need to open the Rules page in CueServer Studio and Create a new Rule.

In our new rule, we need to Select DMX Port from the first Choose menu and add the port that we'll be using for our external controller.

Next, we'll click on Choose once again and select Perform Script from the dropdown menu.

Whenever DMX Port Begins Receiving Data
Choose perform script

Now we will add our CueScript by clicking on None to open the input box and typing Playback 1>8 Disable

Click Ok and Save the rule by clicking Save in the bottom right.

Input script

That's it for our first rule, we're ready to move on to our second. Once again, we'll create a new rule and select DMX Port from the Choose menu.

For this rule, we'll click Begins Receiving Data and change it to Stops Receiving Data.

Lastly, we need to add our CueScript by selecting Perform Script and adding Playback 1>8 Enable

Click Save in the bottom right, and now, whenever this port begins receiving DMX data, playbacks 1 thru 8 will automatically become disabled until input stops.

Select DMX Port
Select stops receiving data
Input script