Power Input

All models of CueServer 2 can be powered by a 12 to 24 VDC Class 2 input.

Although the power requirements are similar for the various models, their connectors and current requirements are different. The rack-mounted CS-900 and the miniature CS-920 both have a standard DC power input jack. The surface-mounted CS-940/950 uses screw terminals that are suitable for hardwire connections to DC power.


CS-900 CS-920 CS-940/950
Power Input 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC
Minimum Power Supply Wattage 9 Watts 7 Watts 8 Watts
Connector 2.1mm DC Power Jack 2.1mm DC Power Jack Screw Terminals
alt alt alt
Pinout Center = DC Input (V+)
Barrel = Ground
Center = DC Input (V+)
Barrel = Ground
1 = DC Input (V+)
2 = Ground


Color & Pattern Description
alt Solid Blue Power in on, all systems normal
alt Slowly Flashing Blue Device is in the process of starting up
alt Slowly Flashing Magenta Device is in Bootloader Mode (contact Technical Support)
alt Slowly Alternating Red/Yellow Device is writing firmware or boot information (do not unplug)
alt Slowly Alternating Blue/Magenta The System Log has a new message
alt Quickly Alternating Blue/Magenta The System Log has an important new message
alt Slowly Flashing Red Device has shut down (must power cycle to reboot)
alt Off Device has no power