Release v1.5.1 [July 19, 2016]

Version 1.5.1 (7/19/16)

  • New Features
    • New Added a System Clock panel to allow the device’s time, date and various astronomical parameters to be viewed live.
  • CueServer Studio 2
    • Feature When changing protocols in Settings > DMX > Universes, the appropriate next field is automatically focused for convenience.
    • Bug Fixed a bug in the Network Settings window that displayed the wrong mode when changing settings for a device with only a single LAN port.
    • Bug Fixed a bug in the Sounds panel that would improperly place an imported file in the web directory if the “+” button was used to add a file.
    • Bug Addressed a problem in the various resource editors (Cues, Groups, Macros, Rules, etc.) that could prevent a new resource from being created if the current resource has unsaved changes.
    • Bug Fixed several bugs in the file browser panel related to the selected item caption, delete button, and directory refreshing.
    • Feature Added additional legal notices as required.
  • Firmware
    • Feature Added OFFSET and LENGTH commands that are used to manually set the starting point and playback length of a streaming cue.
    • Bug Fixed a bug that caused KiNET v2 IP addresses to have their bytes reversed.
    • Bug Fixed a bug that caused the Apply License Code window to improperly indicate that the code had not been accepted.
    • Bug No longer display an error message for having multiple CueServer universes set to receive the same sACN universe.
    • Bug The factory reset function now properly resets the NTP Server parameters.
    • Feature Improved build optimization to reduce resource usage and increase performance.