Release v3.1.1 [August 1, 2019]

Version 3.1.1

Version 3.1.1 contains 4 minor feature improvements and 10 bug fixes. Some of the more significant improvements include the ability to write HTTP requests to 3rd party devices, better scripting access to astronomical time parameters, and expanded variable substitution syntax. The included bug fixes improve performance and stability of both CueServer Studio and CueServer’s firmware.

  • CueScript
    • Feature Added the ability to send HTTP requests with the WRITE command.
    • Feature Added new system variables for accessing various astronomical time parameters including current daylight phase, and sunrise/sunset times.
    • Feature Added variable substitution syntax to CueScript strings (using ${variable-name}).
    • Bug String escape characters are now recognized properly by the CueScript validator.
    • Bug Fixed a problem that would crash the CueScript parser if it is given a script with a large nested command.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause the ZONE command to become unresponsive after many repeated calls.
    • Bug Variable substitution no longer fails when the variable value contains a single-quote character.
  • Live Zones Panel
    • Bug Fixed a crash when clicking on a zone when more zones are in the list than fit in the pane at once.
  • Zones Editor
    • Bug Zones are now properly synched with the device when a Zone is renamed.
  • Macros Editor
    • Bug The macro script text area now properly ignores styled text attributes.
  • Rules
    • Bug The “This Button Was Held” condition now works properly in more scenarios.
  • CueServer OS
    • Bug Removed spurious “lws_ring_insert_failed” log messages when using variable data on Insite pages.
    • Bug The incremental firmware updater now properly fully disables Telnet access.
  • Windows Installer
    • Feature Added step to allow user to create desktop shortcut.