A World Of Possibilities...

At its heart CueServer is an advanced
lighting control processor, but with its
broad set of amazing capabilities, it
can easily become the center of
your project's “universe”.

A World of PossibilitiesWorldwideMonitor and control CueServer from virtually anywhere around the worldWall StationsAdd button stations and touchscreens anywhere you need themCross-PlatformProgram CueServer from both Mac and WindowsMobile DevicesCreate touchscreen interfaces for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or Linux3rd Party IntegrationInterface directly with popular automation and show control systemsInternet of ThingsReact to real-world events and control things via the InternetEntertainment LightingRecord and play back complex shows full of color and movementBuilding AutomationManage architectural lighting with presets, zones Conventional LightingControl up to 16,384 lighting channels via DMX or Ethernet

Meet The Family

Several CueServer processors are available to perfectly fit your project's needs.
Choose to rack-mount, surface mount, or DIN-mount.

Features at a Glance

  • Self Contained
  • Architectural Processor
  • Show Playback
  • Cues, Presets, and Streams
  • Large Channel Capabilities
  • Multiple Timelines
  • Content Capture
  • Zones and Room Combine
  • Two Scripting Languages
  • Event Based Rules
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Astronomical Time
  • Button and Touchscreen Stations
  • Web Stations
  • Plugins Library
  • System Integration
  • Digital I/O
  • Made in USA

Insanely Great Features...

CueServer delivers a world-class experience at every turn. Here are just a few of the stand-out features that make CueServer an award-winning DMX lighting control system.

Bring Your Own Device

With the power of Web Stations, you can create and publish your touchscreen designs on nearly any device including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux. In the same building or across the planet, your virtual touchscreens provide live and responsive control of your system.

Add More Skills

A growing catalog of Plugins continue to add to CueServer’s capabilities. Just drag-and-drop a Plugin into your project and like magic, CueServer suddenly learns new skills. Need to run cues that are based on current weather conditions? Want presets to trigger both DMX lighting as well as Hue scenes? Need to integrate with Lutron? Plugins are the answer.

Lutron QSLutron QS
Phillips HuePhillips Hue
OSC ProtocolOSC Protocol
Color MathColor Math
TCP ClientTCP Client

Easy to Program...

Make amazing things with
just a few clicks!

CueServer Studio

Use the powerful CueServer Studio software to capture scenes, setup timers, define rules, add audio and web resources, build scripts, and define presets. CueServer Studio runs natively on both Mac and Windows computers.

Programming That Makes Sense

With CueServer Studio, programming complex logic doesn’t require a degree. Choose options from a simple rule builder. It’s that easy.

Get Creative

CueServer Studio includes a built-in graphical design tool that makes it easy to create fully interactive touchscreens. Add buttons, sliders, color wheels, and more.

Thoughtful Design...

Modular DMX Ports

One size doesn’t fit all. Both CueServer 2 Pro and CueServer 2 Mini have an innovative DMX Port design which allows the installer to choose from seven different connector modules depending on the job.

DMX 5-PIN Female Module
CueServer Modules Diagram

Customizable Key Caps

The CueServer 2 Pro features eight customizable RGB backlit function buttons. Optional blank key caps allow system installers to print and insert button legends that are custom tailored to each project.

CS-900 Customized Button Caps

Finishing Touches...

Insite Touchscreen

Our Insite 7” touchscreen is designed to work perfectly with CueServer. Every design element of Insite is uncompromising. Minimalist, but rugged, it is suited to complement any decor.

Insite 7" Touchscreen


Available in two styles, four colors, and many configurations, these simple but effective button stations become an integral part of your CueServer project. Activate presets, start shows, change colors. Trigger anything CueServer can do.

Ultra StationMystique Station


Using the powerful Web Station feature of CueServer, nearly any mobile device can instantly become part of your project.

Webstation Layout on Mobile Device

Amazing Results...

Here are just a few actual projects completed with CueServer.
Imagine what you’ll be able to do with it!

Discover more projects >


Here’s what our customers have to
say about CueServer.

We have had fast and comprehensive communications from Interactive Technologies and their support team as well as very detailed and easy to follow documentation to really get a vast amount of utilisation from the CueServer.
- Liam Brown, Auckland Museum
We did a second installation on Mariner of the Seas in June, and our appreciation of the CueServer increased. In fact, I liked it so much that I am using it on Bicentennial Plaza in Springfield, next week. That's three projects in three months!
- David K Warfel, David Warfel-Light Can Help You
Excellent as always! Rock solid hardware!
- Michelle Caron, Clair Brothers, Inc.
I'm a huge fan of this piece of gear
- Derek Barnwell, Available Light New York
Excellent, the integration of all of the various control systems was very easy with the CueServer. The clock functions following the sun cycle came in very handy.
- Tony Hansen, Techni-Lux, Inc.
Excellent as always, quick, easy programming.
- Tony Hansen, Techni-Lux, Inc.
The CueServer is an extremely powerful product and is controlling dozens of universes on this project. It's reliable and robust and continues to perform flawlessly.
- Brandon Creel, Starlite Productions
Pretty flawless.
- Brian Wragg, Ingenium Canada
Great. Another win for CueServer.
- Justin Hullinger, MRD

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CueServer System Builder

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