Lighting control without limits

What is CueServer and how
does it work?

Consoles are great, but are designed for live performances. CueServer is for everything else!
CueServer combines lighting control and intelligence to suit your specific project needs.

CueServer 2 Processors

CueServer is the central hub of your lighting control system. Not only does it control your DMX-based lights, but it actively integrates with mobile devices, touchscreens, wall stations, external devices, and the "Internet of Things.

The magic of CueServer is that it easily adapts to your project's unique needs.

Easy to Program

With Powerful Features like Quick Capture,
CueServer makes Programming a Walk in the Park.

Simple click-and-point programming lets you bring your system together with haste and leave the days of complicated coding behind you.

Start from scratch or seamlessly automate an existing show in record time. Record streams and looks directly from your favorite console, or use powerful CueScript manipulate and capture your scenes.

CueServer Studio Record InterfaceCueServer Studio Button Rules for Preset
Man using iPad to control CueServer

Even Easier to Use

No Training Required.

Setup and configure your system then drop your worries at the door. With intuitive buttons, touchscreens, and straightforward apps, rest-assured that anybody can take control with no experience or training needed.

So Much More than Lighting Control

Master and automate your domain with
CueServer's suite of I/O tools

Loaded with contact closures, digital outputs, and network communication tools, CueServer goes far beyond just lighting controls. CueServer is your complete system automation solution.

Interface with sensors, switches, IoT devices, or even the internet to aggregate and react to stimulus from virtually anywhere. Send messages through the network or interact locally via CueServer's built-in I/O suite.

Powerful Features

Record and play back anything

Record and play back anything from anywhere

Design with every device

Design with every device in mind

Keep in-sync with time

Keep in-sync with time and astronmical-based events

Take control

Take control of a massive 16,384 channels across 128 universes

3rd party integrations

Keep in-touch with 3rd party integrations

You'll Be in Great Company

From Entertainment venues and outdoor architecture to Cruise Ships and Museums,
CueServer is used all over.

What will you build?

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What can CueServer
do for You?

Whatever you're planning, CueServer has you covered.

Control lighting in both entertainment and architectural styles. Add touchscreens, mobile apps, and button stations. Program timers and events. Add special logic. Interface with 3rd party devices.

The CueServer System

Processors, Touchscreens, Button Stations, Mobile Devices, Lights, and 3rd Party Devices

In complete harmony and programmed by the super easy-to-use CueServer Studio
CueServer 2 Pro
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CueServer Training

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