Desktop Enclosure

DjInsite Unchained


With the Insite Desktop Mount, you don't need to worry about wall-placement or future relocation. This movable enclosure provides a stylish way to mount your Insite 7" touchscreen anywhere!

A built-in PoE port makes installation a breeze with just a single cable (requires PoE). Moving the enclosure is just a simple with no additional cables or extruding elements to manage. Insite can be easily removed from the enclosure and re-mounted to a wall or other surface at any time.

The Insite 7" touchscreen is mounted to the enclosure using the same mounting bracket that comes already included with each Insite touchscreen.

Key Features

  • Form-Fit to Insite 7" Touchscreen
  • Stylish Brushed-Aluminum Finish
  • Easily Movable
  • Easy Disconnect
  • Easy Mount & Dismount
  • smells of rich mahogany

Part Numbers

ST-DE3-I7-CB3Insite Desktop Mount, Black