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What is SceneStation?

Simply put, SceneStation is a full-featured, easy-to-use, cost effective DMX playback device. In other words, if you have RGB fixtures or moving lights, SceneStation not only controls them, but does it with pizzazz and a budget-friendly bottom line!

Where is SceneStation at its best?

SceneStation loves smaller venues with limited, but no less important, control needs. Restaurants, churches, high-end residences, and trade show booths are just a few of the places you might find a SceneStation hard at work.

What will you build?

Powerful Hardware

Advanced presets, wireless connectivity and triggering, full-RGB illuminated buttons and more make SceneStation one very powerful stand-alone controller.

Dynamic Presets

SceneStation offers a generous 64 scene memory that are strung together in a "cue list" that's similar to a traditional lighting console.

Bi-Directional DMX Port

Bi-directional dmx port allows SceneStation to control DMX fixtures or to record a DMX scene created by another controller.

Wireless Features

With the built-in 2.4 GHz wireless module, a SceneStation becomes a tiny wireless lighting controller that can be operated, managed and triggered remotely via a secure wireless link between stations and/or to your computer.

Simple Installation

SceneStation is designed to be installation friendly, contractor friendly, consultant friendly and more.

Infared Interfacing

SceneStation's advanced features can be programmed or controlled via an easy to use IR remotes.

Powerful Effects

Color Cycle

The hue of each color in the scene is rotated around the color wheel, producing a dynamic rainbow effect.


Each fixture in the scene randomly pops white, producing a sparkling effect.


Each fixture in the scene randomly dims, producing a twinkling effect.

Color Rotate

The color of each fixture rotates throughout all the fixtures of the scene, producing a spinning motion effect.

Random Palette

The color of each fixture is randomly swapped between other fixtures in the scene, producing a lively effect that uses the same colors of the scene.

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