Does CueServer Integrate with AMX?

Yes! The AMX Control system is ideal for any application requiring intuitive control of network connected video streams and devices. For example, in a meeting room or classroom, the user can select and switch video streams to the display, and in an operations center, the user can change the video wall layout.

AMX Systems can easily be integrated with CueServer providing access to lighting from within the AMX Environment. CueScript commands can be sent via UDP from AMX in plain-text to trigger events, cues, buttons, and more.

The Crystal Riverboats project by Control AV cobmines AMX with CueServer, check it out!

Integration with CueServer is easy!

Simply send plain-text CueScript commands via UDP over the network to CueServer.

A popular method is to provide interface options inside AMX which then call Macros via the UDP protocol. Using this method allows for lighting controllers to make changes to the CueServer system via the pre-selected macros without having to make any changes to the AMX system.

This method might not be ideal for all situations, but worry not! Setting up other commands and buttons is as simple as directing AMX to send out whatever the desired function is via CueScript over the network.

Without the need for complex API integration or modules, AMX allows for a super-simple integration process that is sure to make your life easier!

Visit AMX's website for more information.