Does CueServer Integrate with Crestron?

Yes! CueServer can be integrated with the Crestron control system. Crestron communicates with CueServer via Telnet, RS-232, UDP, and HTTP. The simplest way to integrate is with a Crestron module.

A Crestron module is a block of programming for a Crestron control system. There are two pre-made module options currently available for use with CueServer. Alternatively, a custom module can be written.

ControlWorks Module

This suite of modules supports the CueServer series of DMX controllers and Crestron GLA-DMX512 via UDP/IP and TCP/IP communications. Level control, cue recall, cue saving and channel feedback, relay outputs, and CueServer buttons are available. The available components include:

  • CueServer Poll Levels
  • CueServer Channel Level Set
  • CueServer Cue Recall and Save
  • CueServer Relay Outputs v1
  • CueServer Buttons v1

You can find more info about the CotrolWorks module here.


Crestron Module

This module will allow you to send strings in CueScript format.

Send the command as serial text to the module and all commands are interpreted and sent to the CueServer’s web interface.

This module requires the use of CUZ 4.0 or greater. The TCP/IP Client definition is not required in SimplWindows programming.

You can find more info about the Crestron module here.


Create your own Module

For a Crestron module to work with CueServer, the module must issue commands to the CueServer over one of the following:

  • UDP
  • RS-232
  • HTTP
  • Telnet

Commands issued to cueserver via RS-232, Telnet or UDP should be CueScript, which you can learn more about in the CueServer Manual.

Commands via UDP must be unicast to the CueServer's IP address or multicast to the group address over port 52737.

Commands through HTTP should be issued in accordance with the CueServer CGI API, which you can find more information about here.

Commands may be initiated from CueServer using the CueScript command WRITE. To learn about the Write command, click here.