CueServer 2 MicroSD card Q&A

What are the requirements for CueServer 2 memory card?

CueServer 2 uses FAT32 formatted microSD cards. The theoretical size limit is 2TB (the maximum size supported by the FAT32 file system).

We recommend using genuine, quality microSD cards with speed class 10 (UHS-1) or higher. Recommended manufacturers are Sony, Panasonic or Samsung. You may experience sub-par CueServer performance if you use slow or inferior microSD card, typically when streaming multi-universe intense lighting show.

I bought a new, large microSD card, but I can only format it to 32GB in Windows.

New microSD card typically comes formatted with the exFAT format. It needs to be reformatted to FAT32. The built-in Windows tool for reformatting card has a 32GB limit. You will need to find a different way to format a card that is 64GB or larger. There are other tools available for download that can reformat the card with larger size, up to the limit of the FAT32 format.

This article describes how to reformat a device to FAT32 with a large size, and what tools to use.

My CueServer shipped with "only" 8GB microSD card. Will my streams fit on this card, or do I need to upgrade to a bigger size?

Not necessarily. In typical applications most of the data space in your show will be used my large media files (of a known size), such as audio files or media content served by the Apache web server. The data space used by DMX data is minimal compared to media files. While CueServer is very efficient while recording DMX data (saving frames only if any channel level in particular universe changed, producing very lean DMX data files), it could be hard to predict how large your files will be.

We have prepared "worst case scenario" data statistics for recording streaming DMX. In this scenario, it is assumed that every channel of DMX in every universe changes from frame to frame at 40Hz (this is not typical, since most users will see much lower number), and that the card is empty:

  • Worst case scenario for single universe of DMX requires 1.28MB per minute (41MB per minute for 32 universes).
  • 8GB card will hold 6250 minutes (104 hours) of worst case DMX data for a single universe, or 195 minutes for 32 universes.
  • 256GB will hold 50000 minutes (833 hours) for a single universe, or 1562 minutes for 32 universes.
  • Each gigabyte of DMX data can hold minimum of 781 minutes of data for a single universe.