What are the CS-800 RS-232 Port Pinouts?

The CueServer Pro (CS-800) has an RS-232 port available for connecting to external equipment. The jack on the back of CueServer is a Female DB-9 type connector.

RS-232 PinSignal
Pin 1n/c
Pin 2Transmit Data from CueServer
Pin 3Receive Data to CueServer
Pin 4n/c
Pin 5Ground
Pin 6n/c
Pin 7n/c
Pin 8n/c
Pin 9Optional +5V Power Output

By default, Pin 9 is not internally connected (n/c). If desired, Pin 9 can be configured to output +5V DC by shorting a jumper on the CueServer Pro PCB immediately behind the DB-9 jack. This jumper is labelled "5V-P9" on the PCB.