What are the CueServer Power Supply Requirements?

All CueServer models run from a 12V DC (nominal) input. However, a wide range of voltages may be used, as CueServer can accept any input voltage from 6 to 30VDC.

When being used with a 12V input, the CueServer Pro (CS-800, CS-840) typically draws 350mA (maximum 450mA). The "mini" CueServer models (CS-810, CS-816) typically draw 200mA (maximum 300mA). These values assume that the DMX output is terminated and all digital outputs and indicator LEDs are "on", but does not account for any other current drawn by external devices that may be attached to the output ports by the customer. In general, it is advisable to use a high-quality power supply that can provide more current than is required. CueServers are shipped with either 800mA or 500mA power supplies, depending on the model.

All CueServer models include a 2.1mm DC Power Input jack for supplying 12V DC input. On these jacks, the center is positive and the outside is negative. The input circuit is reverse-polarity protected against device damage.

The "mini" CueServer models (CS-810, CS-816) also include an external power input connection on their I/O Expansion port, enabling the connection of the power supply to this hard-wire connector instead of using the DC Input jack.

When using a CueServer with the I/O Expansion Board (with 48 terminal block connections), terminal block connections are provided for power input, which allows the DC input source to be attached to the field wiring terminals.