How do you reset a CueServer password?

If the web page password has been enabled on a CueServer and must be reset (presumably because it has been lost or forgotten), the following procedure can be used to reset it. This function works on firmware versions 3.0 and higher.

For security reasons, the password cannot be reset remotely. Also, in order to reset the password, the CueServer's enclosure will have to be opened, providing access to a pushbutton on the main PCB of the product.

The password reset function also reverts the unit's IP Address and device name back to factory defaults.

Follow the steps below to reset a CueServer's Password. Please review all of the instructions first before attempting, as some of the steps require specific timing that may not be possible if you're reading the instructions for the first time.

  • Disconnect the CueServer from power and remove its cover. The CS-800 (CueServer Pro) cover is opened by removing the two screws at the top rear edge of the enclosure and then sliding the cover off. The CS-810 (Mini CueServer) is opened by removing the four corner screws from the side of the product that includes the LEDs.
  • Locate the small pushbutton on the main PCB marked "RESET". Do not press it yet.
  • Reconnect the input power to CueServer. It will begin to start up.
  • Immediately after the Power LED flashes and then remains "on", press and hold the RESET button.
  • Wait several seconds -- possibly up to 10 seconds.
  • You'll see the DMX Input LED turn on. Then, 2 seconds later, the DMX Output LED will turn on. Then, 2 seconds later, the Serial Port LED will turn on.
  • As soon as the Serial Port LED turns on, release the RESET button. The Serial Port LED will flicker very quickly. IMPORTANT: If you let go of the RESET button too early, either the DMX Input or DMX Output LEDs will flicker. If you let go of the RESET button too late, the Memory Card LED will flicker. If either of these happens, do not press the RESET button again. Just wait and the CueServer will resume its normal startup routine after a short pause. Then, start over with Step 1.
  • While the Serial Port LED is flickering, press and release the RESET button again. This will cause the CueServer to reset its password and IP Address.
  • At this point, the CueServer will resume its normal startup procedure.

After it has completed starting up, there will be no password and the unit's IP Address will be reset to factory defaults (with DHCP mode enabled). If you are on a network with a DHCP server, the CueServer will likely return to the original IP Address assigned to it. If there is no DHCP server, CueServer will revert to its default address. Use the LCD Display (on the CS-800) or the CueServer Admin Tool to change the IP Address back to your desired setting.

There are other "reset functions" that can be activated by the above procedure by releasing the RESET button in Step 7 when a different LED is illuminated. The following shows each of the available options:

  • DMX Input LED: Boot into Self Test Mode
  • DMX Output LED: Skip the Startup Command
  • Serial Port LED: Reset Password, IP Address and Device Name
  • Memory Card LED: Erase All Memory, Return to Factory Defaults