How can I restore my CueServer 2 Network Settings?

If your CueServer's Network Settings are changed and you are unable to find it on the network, you can always adjust them using the front panel LCD. However, if you have a CueServer 2 Mini, there is no front-panel LCD to reset them with, so we've created a toolkit to help you reset the settings to DHCP and get your CueServer back online.

Restoring CueServer 2 Network Settings

You will need a couple of items to get started, which you will find in the list below. Once you have the necessary items, follow the steps to reformat the CueServer 2 Firmware.

Items Needed:

  • Computer (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, etc.)
    • Must have internet access (to download the toolkit)
    • Must have USB port
  • USB 2.0 Drive
    • Must be USB 2.0 (non-blue connector)
  • Network Toolkit
    • You can download the current version here

Prepare the USB Stick:

  1. (Re)Format your USB Drive to FAT32 format
    • it is crucial the device be FAT32 or the process will fail
  2. Extract the files from the Network Toolkit from the downloaded ZIP file
  3. Copy all of the contents to the root of your USB Stick

Reset CueServer 2 Network Settings:

  1. Remove power from the CueServer and insert the USB Stick
  2. Hold the Reset button and reconnect power to the CueServer
  3. Continue holding the reset button until the power LED begins flashing a Magenta color
    • You may need to use a small, pointed object, such as a paperclip to hold the reset button
  4. Wait for the reset process to complete
    • If you are resetting a CS-900, CS-940, or CS-950 (DIN or Pro Units), the LCD will inform you when the process completes.
    • If you are resetting a CS-920 (Mini), the LEDs will change colors during the process, turning Green once complete.
    • All models will indicate completion with All-Green LED's
  5. Once the LED's have turned Green, it's safe to reboot the unit. The network reset was successful.

If the process does not Complete or the LED's blink Red:

If, after the process, the LED's all blink red or the LCD indicates the process has failed, you will need to contact us at 1-678-455-9019 or so that we can take further steps or facilitate a repair.

If the process never begins or the power LED remains Magenta indefinately:

If the power LED continues to blink magenta or the LCD does not display "Network Reset Toolkit" within ~30 seconds, the USB device was not mounted.

The most common cause of this is either an incorrectly formatted USB Drive (FAT32), a USB 3.0 Device, or a corrupted file copy/download.

It's important to note that a USB 3.0 drive that is compatible with 2.0 will not work, it must be exclusivly 2.0 hardware.