How can I Restore CueServer Firmware?

If your CueServer has crashed and has become stuck in a boot loop or will not complete the boot process, you might need to restore the unit's firmware. The process to do so will require a few things:

  • 1x 4GB+ USB Drive (USB 2.0)
  • 1x Telnet client
    • Mac: Telnet is included in the terminal on OS 10.12 and below. You will need to install telnet if you have Sierra or higher.
    • Windows: Putty is a popular and free choice for windows.


Once you have the above items, you will need to download the firmware core image. You can download the image here. This image contains firmware version 3.1.4, however, you can update to any version beyond 3.0.0 you'd like via the normal process once restored. Please note that you can not downgrade back to 2.0 once running a v3.0 firmware.

Once you've downloaded the file to your computer, unzip the file. Next, follow the steps below to restore your CueServer's firmware.



Step 1

Copy the unzipped contents from the downloaded file to the root of your USB drive. Once copied, remove the drive from the computer and insert into the CueServer USB port.


Step 2

Remove and reconnect power to the CueServer while holding down the reset button. You should see the power LED blinking purple.


Step 3

Using telnet, connect to the CueServer. The username is "root" with no password.

  • Mac: Use the command telnet -l root (replacing 0's with your CueServer's IP -- note the l is a lowercase L).
  • Windows: Use putty to connect to your CueServer, using the CueServer's IP as the hostname and telnet as the method. The default user is "root" and there is no password.


Step 4

Once connected via Telnet, issue the following command:

  • /mnt/usb/usbdev

If you are unable to complete step 4, please contact Interactive support for assistance. 


Step 5

In the resulting menu, select option 2 by typing the number 2 followed by hitting return.


Step 6

Once back in the menu, select option 3 by typing the number 3 followed by hitting return. This step typically takes 3-5 minutes but can depend on the speed of your USB device.



Once you've completed the above steps, the CueServer should be flashed with the new firmware image and ready to go. Remove the USB drive and reboot the unit. If the unit boots up as normal, the firmware copy was successful and you can upgrade/downgrade versions via CueServer Studio if you wish.