How do I use the Beijer Electronics X2 Pro/Extreme Web as a CueStation?

Beijer Electronics manufactures a line of web-ready rugged industrial touchscreens that are perfectly suited for use as CueStations. These devices can be set up in less than five minutes and are designed for more-harsh environments. They offer two variations, the X2 Pro Web, and the X2 Extreme Web. You can check out the details for both variations here.

Beijer X2 Pro Web as a CueStation

Connect your network cable (CAT5/6) to your X2 Pro Web touchscreen. You can use either Port A or Port B. Next connect your 24v DC power supply.

After applying power to the X2 Pro Web touchscreen, the screen will begin its boot process. Once the boot has completed, you will see a web browser screen (the "Page not Found" error is expected).




Slide down on the touchscreen from the top using 1 finger which will display a PIN-pad. The first time you see this PIN-pad, you're setting a PIN for the device. Select and enter a 4-digit PIN code you (be sure to take note of this code for later access).

Once you've set a PIN code, tap on the Enter key (bottom-right of PIN-pad). The device should now display the setup/configuration screen.




You'll need to set up your network settings to ensure the device is able to connect to your network. You can do this by tapping on the network tab. Be sure to adjust the appropriate LAN port -- you can switch from port A to port B via the two tabs at the top.




Once you've updated the network settings, tap on "Save" at the bottom.

Now that our device is ready to connect to our network, we need to set up the browser default page. To do this, click on the "Display" tab at the bottom (2nd from the left). In the top box, labeled "URL", input the URL of the desired CueServer station. You can find this in the "Station Settings" panel of CueServer Studio, or if you know the IP and station number, use the following scheme:

http://[cueserver ip]/station/[station number]

You can also adjust additional settings on this tab such as brightness, timeout, and touch calibration.




Once you've adjusted your settings accordingly, tap on "Save" at the bottom, then tap "Load Page" to the right of the URL box. This will close the setup panel and open the browser with the URL you input.

If the station loads correctly, you're all set. This page will load by default whenever the unit reboots. If you need to get back to the setup screen, you can do so by once-again swiping down from the top, then entering the PIN you previously selected.

Depending on the X2 Web model you purchased, you may need to adjust the resolution in your station settings to match that of the device, for reference, here's a list of the resolutions for each X2 Pro/Extreme Web model:

  • X2 Pro 7 Web: 800x480
  • X2 Pro 10 Web: 1024x600
  • X2 Pro 15 Web: 1280x800
  • X2 Exteme 8 HP Web: 800x480
  • X2 Exteme 12 HP Web: 1280x800
  • X2 Exteme 15 HP Web: 1280x800

You can find the full instruction manual for the X2 Pro/Extreme here.