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Auckland War Memorial Museum is New Zealand's first Museum. The Museum tells the story of New Zealand, its place in the Pacific and its people. The Museum is a war memorial for the province of Auckland and holds one of New Zealand's top three heritage libraries.

Liam Brown was the Lighting Designer and CueServer programmer for this project.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

Liam Brown: The CueServer is now the center of a remote control system for controlling the exterior lights of the building, using ArtNet, broadcasts and receives RS485 commands from the Dynalite lighting network for internal gallery lighting and power control. We also use the network WRITE functions to broadcast UDP commands to the gallery display and interactive devices around the Museum. We used timers for controlling daily operations of the galleries and interactive displays with timed UDP commands and Dynalite power triggering through Macros. We also use the timer's sunrise and sunset functionality to trigger the lighting on a daily basis on the exterior of the building. We used Cues to program exterior lighting looks for the building. We used Macros to store Dynalite commands and UDP commands which are broadcast via the network and RS485. We used the HTTP communications protocol to build a custom user interface on a separate, firewalled server that has internal and external network access via a secure remote access tunnel.

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

Liam Brown: So far, we have had fast and comprehensive communications from Interactive Technologies and their support team as well as very detailed and easy to follow documentation to really get a vast amount of utilization from the CueServer.

Auckland Museum
Auckland, New Zealand


Liam Brown

Project Details:

  • CueServer 2
  • DMX Streaming over Ethernet
  • HTTP Web Interfacing
  • RS-485 Integration
  • Integration with extensive Dynalite network

Auckland Museum

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