Centre23, the Michael Jordan flagship store in Toronto, is a retail store, gym, and Jordan-branded loyalty club wrapped into one experience. Spanning three floors of a prime retail location on Yonge Street, the destination caters to a young and sports-oriented audience.

Carl Everett was the Lighting Designer and CueServer programmer for this project.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

Carl Everett: CueServer 2 was used as the core of a highly-customized control system that interfaced with multiple and varied load types and control mechanisms. CS2 interfaced with a Lutron control system, was programmed for time-of-day effects using the real-time clock, and enabled store staff to dynamically control white and RGB lighting using the CuePad app, as well as use the app the update cues. CueServer was also used to send UDP packets to our office server to allow for logging of button-presses, trigger functions, and CuePad executions, to allow for analyzing the store's usage patterns and comparing with our design intentions of the control system.

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

Carl Everett: This project was a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the more advanced functionality of CueServer. The project was heavily scripted, and we wrote a custom CuePad XML file to trigger functions on the CueServer unit.

306 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario


Carl Everett
Sense Lighting Design

Project Details:

  • CueServer 2 Pro
  • CuePad App
  • Time-of-Day Triggers
  • Lutron System Integration
  • Event Reporting to Central Server

Project Photos