Deeleys Harley Exhibit Center

ShowTech AVL Lights 100 Years of Motorcycles with CueServer.

When Brent Cooke, director of the Deeley Exhibition and Conference Center in Vancouver, was looking to bring the massive 9-window display of motorcycles back to life, he called on Brian Konechny of ShowTech AVL Systems Inc to help out.  The incredible display of vintage bikes visible from the street is only an appetizer as to what’s inside.

“A few years back, when we first went there to offer service to the older LED lights, I thought it was for some new Harley’s in a display window, boy was I wrong!” said Brian.  “The place is amazing with much more than just motorcycles, it has displays and history of the last hundred years.”

The front display features 9 Vari-Lite SL BAR 660 light bars and a CueServer 2 Pro from Interactive Technologies.  Although the existing lighting controller worked, it didn't have the programming features we required and wasn't user friendly.

ShowTech’s Heinie Enslin programmed some incredible and impactful sequences. We like CueServer for these kinds of jobs as you “program it and forget it” they are very reliable controllers. With all the different possible time events, we could program nice bright “attention-getting” scenes for the daylight hours and then richer and slower sequences for the night hours.

The only downside to this project was for every hour worked, we spent almost the same amount of time hanging out in the museum admiring these magnificent machines.

Deeleys Harley Exhibit Center
Vancouver BC, Canada


Brian Konechny
ShowTech AVL

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