One-of-a-kind meditation studio in downtown NYC providing a silent space for guests and walk-ins to practice wellness techniques using pre-recorded session instructions. 
Listed by Wired Magazine as one of the "25 Masterpieces that Prove 2016 was a Great Year for Architecture." (article link)

Michelle Caron was the Lighting Designer and CueServer programmer for this project.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

Michelle Caron: Cueserver controls lights in two separate meditation studios, where classes may be running together or separately. Unique to this project is that lighting cues are triggered via a QSC Core 110F. To ensure that the client can rotate in new material without extensive reprogramming of the system, a solution was devised to embed inaudible tones into the meditation voiceovers that would trigger the Cueserver to fire cues. This way, the client can introduce unlimited numbers of programs with light cues where they desire by inserting these tones and circumventing the need for regular reprogramming.

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

Michelle Caron: Excellent as always! Rock-solid hardware!

New York, NY


Michelle Caron
Clair Solutions

Project Details:

  • Multo-Studio Control via CueServer
  • Integration with QSC Core 110F
  • Cue Triggering via Inaudible Tones
  • Dynamic Show Content Creation


Project Photos