The Observatorium

Royal Caribbean recently sent this beautifully detailed escape room to sea for the first time. The game was created by Puzzle Break and is housed in the former wedding chapel, completely redesigned by DesignDuo and built by Chicago Scenic Studios. Lighting for the entire room is controlled by a CueServer Pro (CS-900) and includes RGBW coves, tiny spotlights, RGBW built-in features, and track with miniature ellipsoidal. The room comes to life when the game begins and reacts when each puzzle is solved, courtesy of the CueServer. Lighting Designer David K Warfel worked with associate and programmer Matthew Reifsteck of PRG. Show automation, which sent triggers to the CueServer, was designed and installed by Creative Technologies.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

David K. Warfel: Programming was done on a Martin M-PC and then recorded to the CueServer. The CueServer then took triggers from the show automation system. We needed to make changes to the show later, and were able to log in remotely without flying a programmer back to Europe!

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

David K. Warfel: The CueServer has tons of potential and does exactly what we need it to do. We did a second installation on Mariner of the Seas in June, and our appreciation of the CueServer increased. In fact, I liked it so much that I am using it on a Bicentennial Plaza across the street from the governor's mansion in Springfield, Illinois, next week. That's three projects in three months!

The Observatorium
Independence of the Seas, Royal Caribbean


David K. Warfel

Project Details:

  • CueServer 2 Pro
  • RGBW Cove Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Track Lighting
  • Miniature Ellipsoidal

Project Photos