SnowCat Ridge

SnowCat Ridge is the first-ever outdoor snow tubing hill utilizing REAL snow in Florida, possibly the world. In addition to the tubing activities, there is a snow dome play area with real snow and an Alpine Shopping Village. Every night after dark the hill comes to life with a light show in sync to music for ten selected Holiday songs. A song plays roughly every twenty minutes on schedule with traditional Holiday music in between.

Interactive: How was CueServer used in this project?

Tony Hansen: The CueServer not only controls the 100+ fixtures and 6 moving lights spread across two universes but it also plays all of the music, starts and closes each day and triggers announcements. The entire show is completely controlled by the CueServer. All of the show songs were recorded using a timecode track, the music is uploaded to the CueServer and the songs were then recorded in real-time to the CueServer. The song is played in sync with the cue and it appears to lock together. Some of the songs had over 3000 cue points when recorded. The CueServer controls all of the lights on both the Tubing Hill and the Snow Dome. There are also 4 of the IT DMX splitters in the system.

Interactive: How would you describe your experience with CueServer?

Tony Hansen: Phenomenal, The CueServer greatly exceeded expectations when it came to handling all of the music and control functions. Each day it runs a 3 hour song loop from 9am to 10pm and hasn't glitched.

SnowCat Ridge
Dade City, FL


Tony Hansen
Techni Lux Inc

Project Details:

  • 100+ Fixtures
  • Multi-Zone Control
  • 2 Universes
  • Audio Playback

Project Photos & Videos