St. Luke's Hospital in Easton, PA

For the installation at the nation’s newest hospital, Eslinger Lighting company was hired to provide exterior architectural lighting which would be energy efficient, have color options, and be controllable.

To accomplish this goal, they chose the Martin Exterior 400′s for their tight beam spread and impressive throw distance along with a custom interface to Interactive Technologies' CueServer to control the LEDs. The LEDs were mounted on concrete pads strategically placed around the building on the columns to provide bright color washes without shining lights into patient rooms.

They worked with the hospital during the installation to fit their time constraints for opening as well as training them on the web accessible interface which allows them to be able to easily control the fixtures without understanding complex lighting consoles. For their opening night (see photos below), the fixtures were turned on in red, white and blue alternating colors around the building in support of Veterans Day.

St. Luke's Hospital in Easton, PA
Easton, PA


Eslinger Lighting company

Project Details:

  • CueServer
  • Use of Martin Exterior 400's
  • Energy Efficient Design

Project Photos