Station Park Fountains

This little gem of a fountain is nestled into a mix of upscale retail, dining and entertainment venues called Station Park. Creating a unique family experience, Station Park offers activities for children, culinary events, shows, live music and fine dining. Every hour on the hour, the center of attention is a world-class show fountain designed and installed by Fountain People.

You can see it dance to the music of world-renowned artists with a stunning display of choreographed 30-60 foot high solid streams, vivid colors and water effects. Guests who have seen the show agree that this is a performance not to be missed.

From the fountain’s 58 water jets to the submersible LED fixtures, the Station Park Fountains use CueServer to control the water and light show in its entirety. 24 different shows stored in the CueServer 2 are triggered by an AMX system that is responsible for the show timing and audio playback.

Fountain People is the leading designer and manufacturer of architectural and interactive fountain systems in the USA.

Interactive Technologies is honored that Fountain People has chosen CueServer to be their control system for well over 100 of their most impressive projects.

Station Park Fountains
Farmington, UT


Fountain People

Project Details:

  • CueServer 2 DIN
  • Use of 24 Different Shows
  • 58 water jets
  • Choreographed 30-60 foot high solid streams, vivid colors and water effects.

Station Park Fountains

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