SummerFest Drum Organ

Mainstage worked with Marty Peck to design, build, and program the lighting and control system for this very unique piece that is open to the public year-round. Consisting of twenty ‘drums’ distributed across five ‘keyboards’, the Drum Organ allows visitors to create their own unique light and sound show by ‘playing’ the instrument. The drum organ is truly one of a kind and spectacularly versatile with its changeable audio libraries. The control system includes a number of devices including an Interactive Technologies CS900 CueServer, a Limbic Media Aurora, and an ETC MTS Touchscreen. The equipment controls several Color Kinetics fixtures: twenty Archipoint fixtures, twenty-one Colorburst fixtures and four Color Blast fixtures.

The lighting designer provided a 3rd party controller that functioned as a visualizer with DMX output. This visualizer played lighting ‘shows’ on the sculpture when the system was not in use, and also played effects across portions of the sculpture when it was being used as an organ with user input. The CS900 handled mastering the DMX input from the visualizer and allowed us to master various portions of the sculpture based on which portions saw input.

SummerFest Drum Organ
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Tripp Oliver

Project Details:

  • CueServer 2 Pro
  • Integration with 20 Interactive Drums
  • Sound Integration
  • Integration with ColorKinetics
  • Integration with Limbic Media Aurora

Project Photos